Your fun, friendly, family stables!
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We feed twice a day and stalls are cleaned 7 days a week.

*Boarding Options:

Main Barn

Private Stall with Paddock & Tack Closet  12' x 36' 
Private Stall with Paddock 12' x 36' 
Private Stall open style with yoke gate 12' x 12' 

Front Barn
Private Stall  12' x 12' 
Private Stall with Paddock

Shed Row                                                   
Private Stall Paddock 16' x 26' 

Red Row
Private Stall with Paddock / Tack

Individual Paddocks with Shelter

4-Horse Paddock with Shelter

*Trailer Parking 

*Please call 925 837-0199 or email for current pricing.

**Blanketing, graining and turnout services are outsourced through Karen.

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